John Holly's Sushi Menu

John Holly's Sushi Menu

All of John Holly's dishes can be modified for your specific taste, and if you don't see your favorite dish please ask your server.

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Sushi (2 pieces per order) Price
Magura (Tuna) 5.25
Albacore (Albacore Tuna) 4.95
Hamachi (Tellowtail) 5.25
Shake (Salmon) 4.95
Shiromi Tai (Red Snapper) 4.95
Unagi (Freshwater Eel) 5.25
Tako Spicy (Spicy Octopus) 5.25


Sashimi (6 pieces per order) Price
Magura (Tuna)* 13.55
Albacore (Albacore Tuna)* 12.50
Shake (Salmon)* 12.50
Shiromi Tai (Red Snapper)* 11.95
Hirame (Halibut)* 13.50
Maguro Tataki (Seared Tuna)* 13.50
Albacore Tataki (Seared Albacore)* 12.50
Hamachi (Tellowtail)* 13.50
Super White Tuna 12.95

 John Holly's Special Sushi

Special Sushi Description (all rolls can be special order) Price
Poison Ivy Shrimp tempura, snowcrab meat and cucumber inside, topped w/tuna, avocado, masago & seaweed salad, drizzled w/house special sauce 14.95
Heartburn Roll Spicy Tuna, shrimp & cream cheese wrapped in jalapeños, deep fried. Topped w/Sriracha, spicy mayo & eel sauce 9.95
5 Seasons Roll Super white tuna, yellowtail, and tuna w/jalapeño & cilantro inside. Topped w/salmon, young yellowtail, sesame oil & ponzu sauce 14.95
Magnum Roll Salmon, cream cheese & avocado, lightly breaded and fried. Topped w/Tuna Poki & wasabi tobiko 15.95
Tokyo Roll Spicy tuna & avocado, topped w/perfectly seared tuna & wasabi mayo 12.95
Mexican Roll Seared scallops, snow crab & jalapeños, topped w/salmon & fresh guacamole 14.95
American Dream Smoked salmon, cream cheese & avocado, topped w/pepper tuna & wasabi mayo 14.95
Kim Kelly Roll Smoked salmon, spicy tuna & avocado, topped w/Salmon Poki. Tempura flakes around the edges. Lightly breaded and fried. 14.95
Panda Roll Shrimp tempura & cream cheese, topped w/seared scallops & fresh guacamole 12.95
GT2 Spicy baked yellowtail & cucumber, topped w/real crab & guacamole 12.95
#9 Roll Shrimp tempura & crab meat, topped w/salmon, avocado & eel sauce 12.95
Mixed New Style Sashimi Chopped tuna, salmon & yellowtail mixed w/chopped jalapeños & daikon sprouts w/a touch of ponzu & olive oil 24.95
Red Dragon Roll Unagi & mango w/slices of avocado, topped w/tempura flakes & 3 sauces 11.95
Rocky Mountain Roll Mixed crab meat w/scallions, masago, tempura flakes & spicy mayonnaise, topped w/4 pieces of eel (unagi) & avocado 12.95
Mango Roll Shrimp tempura & crab meat covered w/thin slices of mango & avocado 10.95
John Holly’s Roll Lightly breaded and fried. 6 pieces white fish, 3 pieces salmon, 1 piece tuna, crab meat & avocado inside seaweed, topped w/house sauce 17.95
Grand Canyon Roll Salmon, jalapeños, & cilantro, topped w/spicy tuna 12.95
Kimberly Roll Salmon, asparagus & avocado, topped w/seared albacore & house spicy sauce 12.95
Thunder Roll Chopped super white tuna, masago, scallions, tempura flakes & spicy mayo,topped w/avocado & black tobiko (flying fish egg) 11.95
Lollipop Roll 6 pieces tuna, yellowtail, snow crab legs & avocado, wrapped in thinly peeled cucumber, topped w/ponzu sauce 12.95
White Tiger Roll Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, topped w/super white tuna & spicy mayo 14.95
Rising Sun Roll Salmon on a California roll, toasted w/dynamite sauce on top 11.95
Brandy Roll Spicy tuna covered by mixed imitation crab meat, masago, scallions, tempura flakes & spicy mayo 10.95
Carpaccio Roll Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, imitation crab meat, avocado & wrapped w/soy paper. Served w/Carpaccio sauce (grape tomatoes, capers, basil & olive 14.95
Sakura Roll Fresh water eel & salmon on spicy tuna & masago 12.95
Giant Roll Soft shell crab, Japanese mayo & cucumber covered w/smoked salmon & unagi (freshwater eel) 16.95
Cherry Blossom Shrimp tempura, yellowtail & cream cheese, topped w/tuna, salmon, mixed tobiko, wrapped in soy paper 17.95
Sidney Roll Spicy tuna & shrimp tempura inside, topped w/avocado, imitation crab, red tobiko, eel sauce & spicy mayo 14.95
Las Vegas Roll Spicy salmon, crunchy tempura & masago, topped w/yellowtail, cilantro& red tobiko, light ponzu sauce 15.95
Crazy Lindsay Roll Soft shell crab, spicy tuna, wrapped in soy paper, topped w/spicy crab mix, jalapeños, eel sauce & spicy mayo 14.95

 Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls (All rolls can be done as hand rolls or spicy) Price
Shrimp Tempura (5 pcs) 7.25
Calamari Tempura (5 pcs) 7.25
Chicken Tempura (5 pcs) 7.25
Lobster Tempura (5 pcs) 10.95
Soft Shell Crab (5 pcs) 9.25
Yami Yami Roll - Unagi, Crab, Avocado (8 pcs) 8.95
California Roll (8 pcs) 6.25
Alaskan Roll - Smoked Salmon, Crab, Avocado (8 pcs) 8.95
Caterpillar Roll - Unagi, Avocado (8 pcs) 9.25
Dragon Roll - California Roll with Unagi (8 pcs) 17.95
Futomaki Roll - Egg, Crab, Masago, Vegetables (5 pcs) 5.95
Philadelphia Roll - Salmon and Cream Cheese (8 pcs) 6.75
Rainbow Roll - with 7 different fish (8 pcs) 13.50
Scallop Roll - Scallop, Scallion, Masago (8 pcs) 6.50
Spicy Tuna Roll (8 pcs) 6.50

 Sushi Combination Plate

Sushi Combination Plate Price
8pcs California Roll & 8pcs Nigiri Sushi* 17.95
8pcs Philadelphia Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll & 4pcs Raw Fish* 18.95
6pcs Assorted Nigiri Sushi & 6pcs Sashimi* 20.95
8pcs No. 9 Roll, 6pcs Tuna Roll & 6pcs Nigiri Sushi* 21.95
Sushi Regular * California Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll & Mango Roll 20.95
Sushi Special * Sushi Regular + 6pcs Nigiri Sushi 26.95

*These items may be served raw or under cooked, or contain raw or under cooked ingredients. Consuming raw or under cooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs and may increase your risk of food borne illness.